Monday, January 25, 2010

How to relax?

It does not matter who someone is, what kind of job they have or what kind of home life they have, everyone needs to take time out for themselves. Even someone with a stressful job who enjoys their work needs to take some time out for their selves to do something different. Life, at times, can get to be too much for anyone, especially if they are in a high stress career or are going through a difficult time at home. It is important to remember that taking time for one’s self is just as important as one’s job and one’s family.

There are many ways that a person can relax. Many have a hobby or an interest that they like to spend time on when they have a minute to leave the busy life behind. Some will spend some time on the weekends to unwind with some wood working, others like to paint or go read in the park for a couple hours. Some even like to spend time on crafts or little projects, like writing short stories that can leave them with a sense of accomplishment after a long week of endless work. What someone decides to do on their free time really has much to do with their personal interests, because it is a time when they should be focusing on something they enjoy. Those who do not take the time out for themselves, or have never taken the time to find an interest or a hobby, will quickly find that they do not have a release, or escape from their busy lives. Without some outlet, like music, writing or other interest or hobby, one has no way of relieving their stress or giving them some time to relax and focus on something that does not have to necessarily be done. Everyone needs a break from the basic routine, or they will eventually reach that breaking point where life has become too much for them to handle.

People who have not developed or found an interest or hobby have found themselves getting in touch with an online therapist or online counselor. This is something that anyone feeling stressed about life should do, but it is also a great way to learn ways of reducing stress in one’s life. When participating in online therapy or online counseling, the counselor or therapist will likely ask their client or patient if they have any interests outside of work and family. If the answer is no, they will start working with the individual to find something that can help get rid of some of that bad energy and stress. It really is amazing how doing something as simple as sketching, reading, building something or writing can help one feel relaxed. The completion of such a task can also be quite rewarding in knowing that they were able to accomplish something they have wanted to do for a long time. Everyone needs a hobby of some sort, whatever hobby a person chooses is up to them.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

What is paranoia?

Whether it was 2000 BC, or today, paranoia is something that seems to remain strong in humans. This is not to say that everyone is extremely paranoid, but it is something that seems to exist in everyone, to some degree. The difference comes in with how paranoid a person is, as well as why they feel this way. There are many cases where it might be justified; however, there are also many where it is not rationally warranted because it is a result of something else. When people think of instinctual emotions that have to do with survival, few will acknowledge paranoia.

To be more exact, paranoia is something someone will feel in response to a threat. This particular reaction is usually borne out of fear of something that is not totally known or understood. It is the irrational fear that can cause great paranoia that must often be addressed in our world today. This is not to say it was not something some dealt with in the past, it is simply that it was not understood. There is still a long way to go before it is better understood, even by today’s standards, but there is help for those suffering from extreme paranoia. First, one has to acknowledge that they may have a problem. Others may try to tell someone they know suffering from this that there really is no great conspiracy going on, but convincing the afflicted person is not easy. In some cases, this person may be suffering from some form of schizophrenia, and convincing them to go see someone like a psychiatrist is not going to be easy. When looking to help someone in this situation, or for someone who is trying to help themselves out of this situation that has been developing over time, it is important not to push too hard. With paranoia, trust is hard to come by. The stronger the paranoia, the more difficult it is going to be for the person to trust in someone enough to accept help from them.

While it can be hard to talk and trust a professional online, it is easier for one to access the help of an online therapist. Some may have some reservations about contacting an online counselor, to be fair it is a fairly new concept, it is an option that has benefited thousands of people to date. The first step is to allow that barrier of distrust built from the paranoia to come down, if even a little; just enough for one to consider the advantages of going through some online counseling. By taking a leap of faith with some online therapy, one will not only be able to identify what may be causing them their anxiety, they will also be able to address it. The online counselor can work with the patient until their feeling of anxiety and paranoia decreases. This is not something that will happen over night, but with a little commitment and work, the online therapist can help the patient put their worries to rest.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Do women handle stress better than men?

Do women handle stress better than men? This is a question that has been asked for a very long time. Some believe that women do handle stress better, because they are more emotional. In fact, it was believed that women did not suffer from as much stress as men because they let it out, or released their stress by talking to their friends or crying. It is true that women tend to be more expressive, but it is not necessarily true that they are more emotional than men. Men are emotional as well, they just tend to keep it in more and be less expressive than their counterpart.

When it comes to stress, there have been numerous tests done in order to find a way to target its causes and then address these problems in order to help people reduce the stress in their lives. As stress has been linked to heart problems, and women were found to have a lower rate of heart disease than men, it was thought that it could possibly be due to their not being as stressed. However, in recent times, the number of women suffering from heart disease is increasing and, in some areas, is almost level with the number or percentage of men who suffer from it. This has been attributed, in part, with the increase of women in the workplace, as well as with more women in the higher up and more stressful jobs on the corporate ladder. When looking at this kind of data, one might start thinking that women might not actually handle stress any better than men can. After all, when faced with some of the same hurdles and goals that men have been working toward for centuries, women seem to suffer about the same repercussions as men do when they get to the same game.

After looking at all the data, and how stress has affected both men and women over the last 20 to 30 years, one can really start to wonder if their first observations or assumptions about how each gender handles stress. Maybe women do not actually handle it any better than men, or maybe, life as a whole is becoming more stressed now than it ever was. One has to think about this too; with all this new technology that was meant to make our lives easier, the weekly hours of work has not decreased, they have increased. Though everything is being put onto the computer, people can type as much or more than 80 words a minute, and the internet is as fast as ever, our lives still seem to be more packed, hyper and busier than ever. Now look at it from a family woman’s point of view; older values and traditions are still seen clearly in this generation. So, not only is a woman expected to be useful and have a successful career, she has to look after her kids, her husband and the house. It is no wonder that women are starting to see similar numbers in the heart disease column as men. This is why women should be taking a moment, especially if they are feeling extra stressed, to get in touch with an online counselor or online therapist. A little casual online therapy or online counseling couldn’t hurt, even if one doesn’t really feel they need it. It could actually, quite possibly, save one’s life.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

What should women do when life gets overwhelming?

Everyone has their own view on life. On the one extreme, there are those who are overly optimistic to the point where it seems like nothing can bring them down. On the other extreme, there are those who seem to be ridiculously pessimistic. In between these two extremes, there are those who seem to not care one way or the other, or who go through a day of optimism only to wake up the next morning to a life they view with total pessimism. Few seem to achieve a balance, and those who seem to be in one extreme may simply be trying to compensate for their true feelings.

Life, for anyone, despite who they are or what they are going through can become quite overwhelming. Loans, ever increasing debts, cheating spouses, failed courses, missed goals, lost times, lack of money to feed the kids; all these things can suck the optimism right out of any woman; especially those who have no one to rely on. It can leave one crying on the floor in total despair at what to do next, because for the last fifteen years things just don’t seem to be getting any better despite all the efforts. To make it worse and totally hopeless, it seem the world is falling in on them, trapping them, judging them and crushing the life out of them. One may find themselves at the point to scream, but just don’t have the energy. It is at this point, where one will often ask themselves what they can possibly do next.

The answer is simple, if even a very difficult one to follow. The answer is to get up and keep going. How one keeps going is up to them. Some will look at life and work on convincing themselves that it can only get better; that if they are positive enough, they will make a better life for themselves. They try to forget about the past and move on. For some, this works, for others it doesn’t. In some cases, the person is simply overcompensating and hiding from their emotions. This is probably just as bad as someone who gives into their pessimism. Both are a strain on one’s soul, and neither are going to help one to move forward in life without dragging their feet and hating every minute of it.

Any woman who feels she is hitting rock bottom in life where they think things could only get worse, and stay bad, should seriously think about talking to someone. Sometimes speaking to someone about what is weighing one down can make a big difference, especially for someone who doesn’t have anyone who will listen. Speaking to an online counselor can go a long way to relieving some of that burden. Talking about one’s problems, frustrations, concerns and worries in life can do a lot for lightening one’s spirit. An online therapist will not only listen but they may help one with some advice and suggestions. One does not necessarily have to go through online therapy, but some basic online counseling can help one organize their thoughts and realize some changes they can make in order to get back on the right path in life.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What drives someone to substance abuse?

When the topic of substance abuse comes up, most will start talking about what initiatives families and doctors have taken in order to help with a problem that has gotten out of hand. What most seem to focus on is what to do after the problem is firmly cemented in place; instead of looking at what could be done in order to prevent such problems. While it is true that most cannot look into the future and know for certain that someone they know will develop an addiction, it is also true that one can see the signs long before the addiction fully develops.

There are many reasons for someone to turn to substances. Whether they are street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, they are all avenues of escape from some form of pressure the individual is experiencing. Peer pressure is often seen as the common reason for teenagers to become involved in this. What parents and older people will forget is that these teenagers may be experiencing stress from other sources, such as from problems in the home. It can sometimes take a few shoves from different sources for a younger person to turn to this kind of life. For older people, and younger as well, the job or constant feeling of failure can be a couple of the big reasons for looking to substance abuse. Of course, depression, anxiety and over all unhappiness can all lead to one looking for something that can offer them some form of relief. By this point, the consequences of their actions or choices are not going to be foremost in their mind, because the extreme stress and pressure they are feeling on a daily basis are simply too much.

Anyone who notices a sudden change in behavior of a loved one, friend or acquaintance should not quickly brush it off. This can be a subtle sign that life is becoming too much for them. The loss of a job, difficulties in one’s relationships, trouble at school, loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, depression and increased stress are all things that could lead one to break and seek a quick fix. Sometimes, taking the moment to encourage them to just seek some help from an online counselor or online therapist could mean the difference between a destroyed life and one that gets better. The online counselor can go a long way in helping the person handle their situation in a better way. The online therapist would be someone they could tell their worries to in confidence, and who could make a huge difference in their life. One may not realize how another individual may react to something. Only that individual knows what they have been through and how much stress they have dealt with. Consideration has to be given to the fact that the stressed individual may be closer to the edge than one may realize. What may seem a small issue to one may be just the push the other didn’t need.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Is medication a quick fix for your mood?

In today’s world with all the new technology and the latest treatments, one can become to comfortable with the idea that there is an instant cure for everything. Many will make the mistake of believing that the effort is no longer necessary, as there are other things one can take or do that will make everything better in an instant. It is believed by many, especially those who do not fully understand the medical chemicals, that they will help make them feel better. This, however, is not the truth. While many in the medical profession wish these medications could heal anything and everything, they cannot.

To put it simply, medications are, in many cases a crutch. Where there are many medications and treatments that do lead to a cure or an acceptable treatment to a disease or sickness, there are many that are a crutch. When it comes to mental health, it is the choice of many to view most of the medication as something that a patient can use in order to help them onto the road to recovery. Of course, this all depends on what the patient is suffering from. There are, unfortunately, many patients who must depend on the medication to help them live their lives as normal as possible. There are many, however, who are eventually able to leave the medication behind.

When talking about depression, or anxiety, many are quick to look for the easiest way to deal with it. Sometimes this leads to the increased use of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, but other times there are those who run to the doctor hoping to get pills that will save them from their troubling emotions. Those who are serious about dealing with their issues, or with whatever it is that is causing their depression, stress or anxiety, will know and accept that there is more to healing themselves than going for the pills offering empty promises. While the medications can work to relieve some of the depression and/or anxiety for a short time, they are not a healthy answer to the problem. In fact, most who want the long-term answers will contact an online counselor or online therapist. By going through some online counseling, one can help to target and deal with the issues that are causing them stress. By bringing the issues to the front and dealing with them properly, one can put them to rest and start working on living a better, healthier and happier life.

Online therapy is by no means the complete answer; it is simply another tool one can use to help themselves find the answers they seek in order to get their lives back. Medications and therapy / counseling, are simply tools one uses to help them on their way to improving themselves, and ultimately addressing that which is getting in the way of living their lives. While medications can go a long way to lending a hand, they are simply an artificial and temporary fix without the aid of counseling; this is true for all drugs, whether they be prescription medications, street dugs, or alcohol.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

How does an overbearing mom affect her son?

When talking about how a person develops and grows into the adult they eventually become, many things have to be taken into account; aspects that have a large affect on how a person develops mentally and emotionally. Their morals, values and views on life will also be greatly affected by those they look up to during their younger years. While most of these influences can have a positive effect on an individual, the influence of the overbearing mother can actually be mentally and emotionally damaging to her son. Some parents may laugh this off, but the truth is that if a son feels that he never does anything right, or does anything good enough to meet his mother’s approval, he could develop a poor outlook of himself.Parents or guardians will often have the greatest influence on him. What many parents will forget is that while children are quite resilient and can handle more stress than many give them credit for, children are still fairly sensitive when it comes to them trying to mature and grow into the person they think they are supposed to. More specifically, a son who has a mother who is rather hard and critical of her son will tend to raise a son who feels a little less confident and sure of himself. As time goes on, the starts to work hard at trying to appease his mother, or make her proud of him. This can eventually lead to the son becoming frustrated if unable to achieve the marks he thinks are expected of him in school, or going into a degree program he feels his mother would approve of; instead of him choosing something that would be of more interest to him.

The longer this kind of treatment goes on, the more critical the mother can be, even if she does not fully intend to be, of her son. Eventually, she could actually push her son away, as he gives in to the belief that nothing he ever does will meet his mother’s approval. He may come to a point where he realizes that too much of his time and energy is being put into a pointless and fruitless endeavor and move on to something else.

This breakdown of a relationship between mother and child does not have to happen. If recognized early, the mother can work on changing her behavior and attitude toward her son to be less critical and more supportive. This, in turn, can help the son become more grounded, confident and sure of his self. If things have reached the critical point, when the son is a grown man and both he and his mother would like to improve their relationship, getting help from an online therapist or online counselor would be a good idea. Online counseling can help both to get some unbiased advice or suggestions that could help improve their relationship. Online therapy could also help each to see the other side of things; to finally see how the other may be feeling so that they can react to it appropriately.

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